What Happened To Dekh.com

What Happened To Dekh.com

I’ve received a lot of questions regarding what happened to Dekh.com after starting off on such a promising note. Even though we received a lot of breakthroughs with inbound marketing in our company for Dekh, we were never quite able to assemble a super SALES team which was required for selling our SaaS product.

Dekh’s business model relied on getting subscriptions from companies that required affiliate programs. The software got a lot of positive reviews and we were slowly building a decent fan following.

Unfortunately, the number of customers we got in the first year didn’t justify the development, content, social, PR and operational costs.

Hence, we have resumed our work at MarkAce on our internet marketing products and training courses.

We might still introduce a software for affiliate marketing soon, but until then – we will focus on our strengths and give our customers the best experience possible.

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