List Academy Review and Bonus by Anik’s Friend and Business Partner

List Academy Review and Bonus by Anik’s Friend and Business Partner

If you’ve read Anik’s emails or followed him for the last few years, then you’ll probably have heard him mention my name about 167 times by now. There’s a reason for that.

Anik has mentored me for the last 5 years and we’ve worked on several million dollar projects together. In fact, we’re practically family now.

Anik and Ritoban in Maldives

Anik and I had a BLAST in Maldives this June

We went on a couple’s vacation to Maldives this June and it was so much fun. We’ve hung out and talked for hours on every single topic under the sun and stars.

When Anik launched his Profit Academy course a few months ago, I was one of the people behind the scenes.

But here’s where things get real. Guess WHO suggested the name ‘List Academy‘ for his current product launch? Yeap.

How List Academy got its name

The List Academy name began with a Whatsapp conversation

So strap on to your chair, wear your reading glasses, and let me show you what List Academy is all about.

People don’t buy products. They buy if they TRUST the person behind the product.

Who exactly is Anik Singal?

Anik has been in the online marketing world for about 12 years now. For most of you, he’s a charismatic speaker, multi-millionaire philanthropist, hard worker, and basically a fascinating guy who has truly made it.

For me, he’s different. I have seen his ups and downs. You have heard about his story about losing everything and then building it all back up with email marketing. Well, I was THERE. I was there in Mumbai when his world was crashing. I have seen his best side and his worst. For me, he’s a teacher who helped shape my consciousness many times over. He showed me the ins and outs of business, friendship, trust, and of course – email marketing.

Of course he’s great on video. But he’s MUCH MUCH better in real life. I remember sitting in his balcony from evening till early morning chatting about life, love, business, and dreams. People often wonder why he’s so successful. Of course, he works hard and great at selling – but there’s a much deeper story.

He has a killer instinct along with a powerful law of attraction energy. He knows the future trends months in advance. He knows how to get in touch with the right people and how to teach. No wonder he has taught over 200,000 students. 

Just a few weeks ago, I told him I was about to send a promo email to a portion of my email list. He suggested an obscure subject line: ‘Hey – Photos from the beach’. I was skeptical, but the results spoke for itself.

My subject line vs. Anik's recommendation

Guess which email’s subject line was recommended by Anik?

While I was struggling with a 8.91% open rate and 1.26% click through rate, Anik’s simple recommendation boosted the open rate to 12.35% and a whopping 3.99% CTR. That’s a 38.6% improvement in open rate and 216% improvement in CTR.

This is the side of Anik I’m talking about. He knows his stuff and knows how to teach it to others.

Heck, I got my first break online after struggling for 2 years after I implemented his course: PPC Classroom way back in 2009.

And it’s not just me. I keep talking to other big names in the IM industry – and I was surprised to know a LOT of them got started after going through Anik’s courses.

He has revolutionized the industry and continues to do so with List Academy. And there’s a specific reason why I say that.

Anik has several email lists and he has hundreds of thousands of people subscribed to his lists. He has been sending emails and monetizing his list for over a decade now. Not just in the internet marketing niche, but also in the personal development space.

Whenever he promotes a product launch, he’s almost certain to be Top 3 in the JV leaderboards, if not first place (which has happened more times than I can remember). He’s one of the few people in the world who can drive six figures with a single email. 

So when Anik Singal says he wants to teach you about list monetization – you LISTEN.

What Is List Academy

If you’ve been in the online marketing space for a while, then there’s a very high probability that you have an email list. If you don’t, then it’s time you start building one. I’m serious. Stop everything and focus your energy on building your email list.

What most people don’t get is how to monetize their list. I know you’ve heard about the usual jargon: promote launches, build a relationship with your list, and what not.

But has anyone ever drilled down into the science of marketing to an email list. Everyone talks about BUILDING an email list. Heck, I talked about it in my Email Instruments course.

But what do you do once you have an email list?

I struggled with list monetization for years till Anik came into the picture. He showed me dozens of ways to make money from my email list – which were both innovative yet simple to execute.

There are several key elements in List Academy and I want to touch briefly on those topics.

Interaction: How exactly are you supposed to talk to your email list? An email list is a one-to-many interaction. But how do you personalize and segment your messages so that they seem like a one-to-one interaction? Long emails or short emails? What about subject lines? Anik dives deep into the messaging that’s supposed to go in your emails.

Timing: What time of day should you send an email blast? How often should you email your subscribers. There are a lot of questions about ‘timing’ that’s still unclear. Especially because everyone says a different thing. And believe me, I’ve tried his timing technique and it’s worked much better than my previous mailing schedule.

Promotion: What products should you promote and how often should you promote to your list? There are several types of promotional emails that go out. Hypey. Non-hypey. Webinar promos. High ticket products. Low ticket products. You get the idea. List Academy goes real deep into product promotions and the best way to do them.

Monetization: This is where it all comes together and you learn how to actually make (read: mint) money from your email list.

Optimization: All said and done, how do you ensure you have a high open and click rate? Because all of that factors into email deliverability and eventually – YOUR success. Anik will show you how to optimize your campaigns, messages, and landing pages for the best results possible.

My List Academy Review

The Email LifelineBefore we get to the goodness inside the List Academy members area, I want to first talk about the free book that Anik’s giving away during his pre-launch. It’s called The Email Lifeline and it’s all about how to make upto 3 times the revenue with your current list.

The book covers things like how to delete your useless subscribers and still generate more clicks than you used to. How to use the ‘story method’ (which BTW is one of my personal favourites too), and also how he multiplied his revenue 10 times by using his ‘event marketing strategy’.

The cool part is he’s giving away the book for free during his pre-launch and even if you decide not to enroll in List Academy, do me a favour and read this book. It’s really short (less than 100 pages) and gives you solid advice on how to increase revenues with your existing list.

On 21st July, he released a free video that shows how he generated six figures with a single promo email. Here’s a rundown of what happens in the video.

List Academy free video

He calls this strategy “Event Based Marketing” – which is basically promoting product launches via webinars. In this video, he takes you through the actual emails that he wrote to pre-sell the product launch. He promoted Aidan Booth’s $100k Factory launch which happened early June 2015.

The first actual promo email used his ‘Story Method’ technique in which he tells a story of how he met Aidan Booth (the product creator). The second email he composed was about how his wife had already started using the product he was promoting. Again, part of the storytelling. The third email which was sent on the day of the event, was all about getting people to actually attend the event. Later on, he goes to show the results that came in with those three emails that took less than an hour to create. He had made over $80k in less than 24 hours.

The day after the event he didn’t send any email promo, but the very next day he sent another email with an encore of the live training where he ended up making a bunch more money. This continues and after about a week’s worth of promotions, Anik ended up making over $200k. Pretty sweet huh?

The actual List Academy product will be launched as a live training event on July 23rd. Once you’re ready to buy it, simply click here to do so and I will give you an amazing bonus package which is mentioned below.

My List Academy Bonus (Total Value: $6991)

One-on-One Call with Me (Value: $2997)

How do you feel about getting one-on-one with Anik’s colleague, friend, and business partner. Yeah, I’m talking about myself. After you’ve completed the course, and started implementing List Academy’s strategies – I’ll come in the picture and manually take a look at what you’re doing. I’ll give you my suggestions and help you accelerate your business. And all of that over a live one-on-one video call.

I’ve charged people $2997 for a one hour consultation in the past and they went back and created five and six figure businesses with my suggestions. So don’t be surprised if I turn your business around 180 degrees after that call.

Access To My Head Coach (Value: $1997)

Nisha Garg has been in my company for over 5 years and she’s literally been my right-hand since the beginning. She knows everything about my business and how I run it. She knows all my strategies, and has taught hundreds of people one-on-one in our elite coaching programs.

YOU get access to Nisha’s expertise for a month. I’ll give you her personal email. She will guide you through every step of the List Academy course and make you the Email Ninja you deserve to become. You can ask her an unlimited number of questions – day or night – and she will be glad to help you with them.

Profit Instruments, CPA Instruments, and Email Instruments (Value: $1997)

You get lifetime access to my premium courses that have sold over 10,000 units and combined, they are actually valued at $1997. If you’ve been in the online marketing space for a while, then you’ve probably heard about these courses. Just recently, I went to Singapore for my bachelor’s party (yes, Anik also came) and we met up people (who we were meeting for the first time) who told me Profit Instruments was the reason they got started with affiliate marketing. In fact, just do a search for any IM product in Google – and you’ll see several profit instruments sites pop up.

CPA Instruments will teach you everything you need to make money with CPA marketing and Email Instruments is my ultimate course on how to build an email list. You get all the upgrades and lifetime access to all the tools and softwares included in these programs.

Click Here to buy List Academy and once you do, simply send an email to with the subject line: List Academy Bonus Request and we will get back to you within 24 hours with your bonus after verifying your purchase.

Comment below and ask away any questions you might have regarding Anik or List Academy.

I had to brave through slow internet, parental pressures, old computers, and a heavy accent with no sales background. Learn how I got started and built my online business.
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