Dedicated To The Frustrated Delhi “Partying” Janta

Life is tough.

I’ve been staying in Delhi for the last 3 years and its been an… eh… ‘experience’.

While this post is dedicated to the frustrated individuals of Delhi, I believe the same concepts apply to any person living in any urban city.

This thought process began during a visit to a karaoke club a few weeks ago. There were so many Delhi-ites singing, drinking, talking, staring, dancing, laughing, fighting, and sinking.

I saw potential there. Potential of 50 odd people who could do so much with their lives. Some of them already are. But the vast majority is sinking.

They all have ideas. They all have ambitions. They all have passions. What they don’t have is the PURPOSE to fulfil them.

Why is that? Let’s analyze…

Incessant Partying

Partying has become a daily affair. Getting drunk to drown your frustrations, only to have them rise again the next morning (along with a hangover).

Partying used to be a mode to ‘celebrate’ or to take a load off after a whole week’s of hard work.

But it has become a drug. More often than not, people head off to their favourite clubs after office.

It has become part of their lifestyle and culture. All the cool kids party, right?

I keep hearing Delhi-ites say this all the time:

“I’m frustrated with my life”

Whenever I hear this, I flinch. I ask them:

“Do you know what frustrates you?”

They all know the answer. But they won’t do anything about it. They’ll dive deeper and deeper INTO the things that frustrate them. And keep living with that.


Everyone is frustrated with their lives. Everyone goes through:

  • Terrible traffic
  • Bad relationships
  • Dead-End Jobs
  • No Passion, Plan, or Purpose
  • Obsession about Looking Good.
  • Boredom

Don’t get me started on the ‘amount’ of obsession people have with their looks.

Its all about impressing the opposite gender. Its not just the girls. The guys are on the same boat.

Nobody just LAUGHS anymore. They control their smiles and laughter to get that perfect ‘pose’ where they know they look good (after hours of practicing in front of the mirror)

When your time is up in this world, nobody will care about how many drinks you had in that club, or how good you look in suede shoes, or that girl who dumped you.

Nobody remembers all that in the grand scheme of things. Even you won’t.

People only care about those that ACHIEVE.

The time you have is NOW. Use it. Follow your dreams, passions, ambitions. Work towards them.

Great achievements require great work.

Instead of partying every night, and mingling around with useless people who could care the least about your future – Mingle around with your passions. Work tirelessly and endlessly.

Yes I know you’ve had a hard life. Blah blah. We all have. EVERYONE has.

The ones that are ‘remembered’ are the ones who persevere through the hard life. They stand straight at the face of adversity and don’t lose focus.

And yes, they don’t party all night, every night.

The definition of Insanity by the great Albert Einstein:

Insanity is when you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results

People want their life to turn around without having to do anything. Its not like Harry Potter will come to your room one night, swing his wand, and the next morning you will have achieved greatness.

Some people don’t have the courage to persevere. I completely understand. But I sure hope you are not one of them. I sure hope you have the will-power to strive through, work hard, and join the achievers club.

The best way to get back your sense of purpose is by making a dreamboard/visionboard.

All your thoughts, actions, and decisions from now on need to be derived from this dreamboard.

And trust me, no one puts up ‘drinking/partying every night’ on their dreamboard. (unless they’re an alcoholic)

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