OptinLabs – Our Latest Software Venture


Anik and I were discussing on the possible ways to increase optin rates since we had noticed a steady drop from our own optin pages. We need a future-proof solution that would help us and others – hence OptinLabs was born.

OptinLabs is a suite of email tools, which in it’s current state consists of:

  • Quizzes
  • Browser Push Notifications
  • Split Testing

Our goal was to create a massively easy-to-use UI with only the most important bells-and-whistles.

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When She Smiled – released on Kindle

When She Smiled

Yesterday was remarkable. My debut novel – When She Smiled finally got out its incubator and got out in the world – like a raindrop falling into a lake.

It’s been an interesting year. I coded  an entire marketplace from scratch which is now performing incredibly well. I shifted my life from Delhi to Bangalore and settled the dust. I slowly started dipping my hands in the affiliate marketing batter. I announced my wedding which is coming faster than I anticipated. And I checked off ‘Publish a novel’ from my dream board. [Read more…]

The Law of Idea Resonance

Solar LED Umbrella

I’ve been experimenting with various focus strategies over the last few months. The core issue faced by developers and designers is the sheer number of ideas that they have and the excitement that follows whenever a new idea pops in. In fact, this concept is applicable to almost everyone who wants to work on their own ideas.

The most difficult part is to contain the excitement. Because that excitement can make you wander to la la land for several hours/days and that can be quite distracting to the current projects that you’re working on.

I have about 1 new great idea every day. Sometimes I just lose track of all the ideas I have because they come and go. When an idea keeps coming to me for a while, and when it causes sleepless nights, that’s when I start to work on it. But there’s a catch… I only work on a new idea if I’m not busy with an existing project.

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How To Rapidly Develop A Web Application

When we started working on Dekh a few months back, we were all over the place.

We had ideas on creating a bombastic community, a kick-ass software – and hence the journey began.

Three months had passed, and we were stuck with a blog containing a handful blog posts (great content, but limited), no traction, a few hundred members, and a depleting bank account.

Then I picked up Getting Real (thank you 37signals) for the hundredth time, gave it a quick read and decided on a utterly ridiculous goal:

Launch Dekh Track in one month!

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