A Lame Attempt at Copying Aesop’s Greatness

I’m a big fan of Aesop’s fables. Aesop has influenced the minds of countless individuals for decades now. Just recently, I gifted a neat book of a collection of Aesop’s fables to a friend.

I’ve decided to have a go at copying Aesop’s trend of communicating morals through animal stories. Here goes nothing…

Hungry, Thirsty, Tired Fox

A fox was roaming around in the jungle and had absolutely no clue what to do with all his free time.

He was getting exhausted with the sun shining on his back and was thirsty because he didn’t have a sip of water since morning.

He realized that he had not eaten anything since that juicy rabbit last night, so he decided he was hungry too.

Suddenly he came across a family of monkeys and stood there staring at the mother monkey for an hour.

The mother monkey fed her children, scratched the father monkey’s back, drove away a couple of mischievous neighbor monkeys who were irritating her children, and had a big smile on her face the whole time.

The fox was amazed at the mother monkey’s ability to manage so much in just an hour, so he decided to have a talk with her.

He approached the mother monkey and said: “I’ve been tired, thirsty, and hungry since morning. But here you are taking care of so many tasks. How do you do that?”

Mother monkey, with that big smile on her face, said: “I was watching you stand there for the last hour looking at me. Even though you knew you needed to eat, drink, and take rest. While you’re thinking about life, its already happening. Just pick one task and do it.”

Moral of the story: Focus on one task at a time, or no task will ever get done.

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  1. Nitish Dhiman says

    Sir I Always try to follow you & your great ideas and tips which we have to use in our daily life !!

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