What ‘Unique’ Thing Have You Created Today?

obama inverted left handed

Its mind boggling to think that we are a species that’s 7.2 BILLION strong and growing – and yet each and every one of us has a unique DNA.

We all have a different brain and no one’s thinking is 100% identical to another’s. We are all unique.

On a side note, the next time you have self doubts, just take a few deep breaths and tell yourself: “I am UNIQUE. I am the only person like me on the entire planet.”

Ever since I was a little kid, I had the craving to keep doing unique things. Keep making unique things. Act differently. Talk differently. Behave differently. Work differently.

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14 Reasons Why I’m Fed Up Of The “XX Things/ Signs/ Reasons” Articles


My Facebook newsfeed greets me with posts like these on a daily basis:

  • 21 Things That Your Mom Never Told You. Ask Her And She Will Tell You…
  • 126 Places You NEED To Visit Before You Die. Really. Pack Your Bags. Go!
  • 30 Reasons Why Kittens Are The Best Pets… Like Ever. Choooo CUTE.
  • 89 Signs That Prove You’re An Indian. I Almost Died Reading #74. LOLOLOL.

… and I’m fed up of this sh*@.

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I’m embarrassed of being a man


Lately, I’ve been feeling more and more embarrassed of being a man.

No, I didn’t pee my pants in public, nor did I randomly hug a stranger on the street mistakenly thinking he was my childhood friend.

I’m simply embarrassed of my existence. And the world makes sure to drill this fact in my brain every single day. Morning, evening, and mostly in the night.

I think I did everything right. I studied in a co-ed and sat with guys all decade long. I went to college, fell in love, and pampered my girl like any reasonably minded guy would do. I’ll get married, be responsible for my family, work my bottom off to provide for my children, and eventually die in peace knowing that I never groped or raped anyone.

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When She Smiled – released on Kindle

When She Smiled

Yesterday was remarkable. My debut novel – When She Smiled finally got out its incubator and got out in the world – like a raindrop falling into a lake.

It’s been an interesting year. I coded  an entire marketplace from scratch which is now performing incredibly well. I shifted my life from Delhi to Bangalore and settled the dust. I slowly started dipping my hands in the affiliate marketing batter. I announced my wedding which is coming faster than I anticipated. And I checked off ‘Publish a novel’ from my dream board. [Read more…]